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    We add an IMPOSTER Foot ROLE in Among Us
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    1. Madyson Blackman

      Maybe the little sibling the little sibling can call mom on you and you get kill and they can also make you do funny things 😄 and they can embarrassed you 😳 and can show embarrassing baby pictures that mom gave them

    2. Fatma Ahmed

      how about a mermaid role the mermaid can flood the whole area and it can turn into the mermaid when it is flooded and the me rmaid can sing to bring players close to it then kill them the mermaid can dive and turn invisible into the water that's all I cood think of I hope you do the rool

    3. Sky’s Angel

      Make a Bread mod it is a crewmate mod but they dont have tasks so they're useless

    4. Carter P

      This is the best video ever make a part two or in clued the in random roles mode

    5. LittlePuertoRicanBoy

      I guess you can say there's a murderer a foot

    6. indrakshi kar

      No mod what about the hand mod

    7. MCGamer

      Head mod

    8. MCGamer

      Ummm head od

    9. Rebecca Williams

      Please me my idea is golden freddy

      1. Rebecca Williams

        Please 🐵🦍🐶🐺🦊🐱🦁🐯🐴🦄🦓🦌🐮🐷🐗🐽🦒🦏🐭🐹🐰🦔🐻🐨🐼🐸🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆:-P::-):-):-):-)

      2. Rebecca Williams


    10. Xavier Lopez

      the foot is built different


      Oh no oh no said ssundee oh no no no no no.





    13. nathaniel bristol

      Hole the phone I noticed just that the foot is sigils

    14. Rusul Mahmood

      i love it

    15. مش لاقي اسم

      how to download that mod

    16. JMuny

      The head mod The comments can decide what it does

    17. Kemari Benson

      Ummmm anyone else heard him say hell at the end of the first round

    18. Eliza Drusan


    19. shawalsyamimi

      Hat if there is a Henry stickmin mod!

    20. Sigurður Kristmundsson

      Mommy mommy mommy mod is da best

    21. Krew for life Itfunneh krew fam

      Cookie monster mod . Cookie monster sees crewmates as cookies and they won't know you were there and cookie monster because u place a cookie and vent easily. Sorry if it was to long . | 3 |

    22. The Collins County Storm Chaser


    23. Lost Flame


    24. MichaelGaming

      My new idea is avatar impostor

    25. Jeanette Organ

      Here is a mod where you could be obese that can run fast and let’s just say that it’s like the vent monster but not in the vent

    26. Chris Roberts

      joker mod

    27. Divya Varma


    28. guy


    29. Lez Go Chaperon

      I think it's henwy and sigils

    30. Murbaniti Wijayani

      hi preston friad

    31. Kensie HOLMES

      Very funny a foot😂😂

    32. A.V book

      Can you make spider man mod

    33. Aily Qairy Sugarbelle Cosmetics

      Iron golem

    34. jhanston utalo

      foot foot foot foot foot foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!


      I kicked phone and it press the like button but my phone cracked

    36. Kylina Lenay

      one more to go

    37. Kylina Lenay

      hiiiiiiii I haven't fishy it

    38. Dennis Sanelivi

      Do whitty mod from friday night funking PLEASE!?.😟😟😟😟😟

    39. Harry Dale


    40. Elijah Shelton

      Plants vs zombies mod

    41. Michael Sciscoe

      I love your mods SSundee

    42. Michael Sciscoe


    43. TheEjie20

      You sound like preston in the start

    44. Emma epic V

      Make a pizza MOD

    45. Doubleyou Game


    46. Langer Family

      After the mommy's you should make the Sissy mod

    47. Lavonne Kent

      And hide and seek mod

    48. Lavonne Kent

      You should do a Superman mod

    49. Tiffany Gary

      Spire man

    50. duday april mendoza

      More more among us mods

    51. Mr. Wahoo

      ok, wtf is this?

    52. Keisha Joy

      Lets do a pet mod

    53. Keisha Joy

      Lets do a pet mod

    54. Keisha Joy

      Lets do pet a pet mod

    55. Keisha Joy

      Lets do a pet mod

    56. OSKAR!?!?!??!

      I Actually kicked the like button

    57. Montalvo Kids

      is anyone gonna question why wolf is here from socksfor1 o-o

    58. Tabatha Young

      Do the grim reper mod in amung us please ssundee please

    59. Kyra Petere

      "Stick around for my turn to be the imposter" Me: you always see that My brain↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙↙↕↙↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙⬅↙

    60. Malachi Mbaye


      1. Malachi Mbaye


    61. Lillie Sturgis

      Gotta stay 6 feet apart

    62. Lillie Sturgis

      If you haven't what about a Medusa mod. The bodies are statues you can't report and if you look at Medusa when they're in the form they turn to statues.

    63. Ace Schaefer

      Hit the like buton with ur foot

    64. Jaiden McCullar

      Please do a batman mode

    65. ely hall

      A BIG FOOT

    66. Heather Fierro

      Mod idea:cereal it can pour curdled milk to block vision it can pose as a Kelloggs box it can eat people and grow bigger and erupt cereal across part of the map.

    67. Jocelyn Duncanson


    68. Sameen Mirza Mirza

      Could you do the COVID mod

    69. Tilly Griffiths

      do Dora mod

    70. Adrian Romero

      Do a hand mod

    71. Angela Lush

      Roblox character mod people please like this so Ssundee can see

    72. MARIA Gómez

      This mod is so funny this was my dream it came true

    73. Wellies World


    74. Michelle N

      Cat mode

    75. Dylan MacCallum

      Make a ice cream truck mod

    76. Milo Martinez

      New mod the punisher he can make people who report the body die

    77. Emir Morales

      1:56 he said oh hell noo

    78. William Lamey

      Make mega King I think

    79. Hyper Robbo

      your a foot

    80. Skylar Van-Outen

      Bum mod

      1. Skylar Van-Outen

        I meant bottom

    81. Joanne Pauls

      Wait make a unicorn mod

    82. moon love


    83. 2027-Mara Angeles

      I really, really, really want a how to train your dragon mod! I don't know how it would work but pls!

    84. Gastodagamer 9

      Naruto role

    85. Gastodagamer 9

      Anime mod

    86. Bulti Das

      Scp 096 mod for among us

    87. Cole Christensen

      I think you should do mod where there's a chat box monster. The chat box monster can take the words out of the chat and kill someone with the words, it can zoom out, it can cover a player with the chat words so the player can't see, it can revive someone with a compliment in the chat, it can kill someone with an insult in the chat, it can morph into a mummy like player, a normal chat box button, and your own character, and it can write on walls, floors, vents, and dead bodies.

    88. nath7192 nath7192

      Nicovald is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dog water

    89. Alexander Hamilton

      Why is the screen black in the begging

    90. ivie gree


    91. Robin Savory

      U should do um a baby role as the crewmate and the mommy can be the killer

    92. Roan Bontekoe

      go als petrik see star

    93. Krystal Miller


    94. Jessie Dañes

      Pls a mod come out on among us

    95. daud ahmed

      How can I get foot ROLE in among us.

    96. Whacky Cinco

      bighead mod

    97. Maybelle Trejos

      zonbi role ssundee

    98. GSMgaming848 brothergames_gof

      FBI plzz

    99. Connor Gamer Wizard

      I liked the video with my foot

    100. Oscar Murphy

      Hat mod